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Cleaning Products

A growing number of non toxic home cleaning products are now available for domestic and commercial use. But only a few well-chosen products will serve you well and faithfully, and protect the members of your family, including your pets, and all who come to visit you.

At House Shining our goal is to provide our clients with quality cleaning result while protecting them and the environment. All the products and equipment we use are made and designed to provide you a quality and eco-friendly result. Meaning that you get the cleaning power and quality you have come to expect from us without damaging the environment.

Some examples of the cleaning equipment and products we use are listed below:

Miele Vacuums

After using different kinds of vacuum cleaners before, we have invested in a fleet of Miele vacuums, which are the finest vacuums we have ever used. For us Miele vacuums are the best vacuum cleaners to use. This outstanding Miele vacuum is designed to deliver the very best result in domestic cleaning. This vacuum is particularly helpful for allergy sufferers because it is equipped with hepa filters to prevent the dust we have just picked up from being blown right back into the room. We are currently working to make sure all of them are adapted to carry the extra hepa filter.

Bi-O-Kleen “Cleaner and Degreaser”

The primary cleaning products that we use is from Bo-O-Kleen. This company in Vancouver Washington is known for its non-toxic and eco-friendly household cleaning solution. Among their line of great products, we use their “Cleaner and Degreaser” diluted with water for all surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, including floors. For surfaces that are gentle, but still need to be soured, we use “Bon Ami”.

Natural Cleaning Products

We also use basic household ingredients like Vinegar diluted with water for hardwood floors, lemon oil and a lightly damp cloth for dusting needs. On the occasions where mold is a problem, we still use a bleach based product with the permission of the client, but we imagine that sometime soon, the bleach will disappear as well!

These are just some of the cleaning equipment and products we use and if there is something special that you would like us to use, you are welcome to provide it. However, if it is very toxic, we will probably suggest a natural alternative, based on our experience.

If you have questions, please give us a call and will gladly answer your inquires and go extra mile to serve all your residential and commercial cleaning needs.